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Penang ranks Top Ten Asia’s most liveable city

Monday, March 17th, 2008

According to the recent ECA International Location Ranking Survey, George Town, Penang is the 9th most liveable city in Asia in a survey of 254 cities worldwide. Georgetown also saw the biggest improvement in scores of all the Asian cities, reflected in an 11 place rise in the ranking, due to improvements in recreation, housing and personal security situations. More details at ECA’s web article and Penang moves up ranking.

New milestone for Penang

The political landscape of Penang State has changed. The DAP-PKR opposition party has taken over the Penang state government administration after their landslide election victory in the recently concluded 12th Malaysians general election held on 8th March 2008 from the GERAKAN led BN coalition government which has ruled Penang State since 1969.

The newly appointed Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng (Star Video) has outlined his new agenda for Penang and has pledged to pursue investor-friendly policies to ensure that Penang retains its edge as the leading industrial and manufacturing region. The new administration has also pledged to fulfill its 8-point election manifesto (Video) and 8 key general election issues for Penang and to make Penang as dynamic as it was before. All mega projects for Penang State such as Penang Second Bridge, PORR, monorail and port and airport expansion under the NCER initiatives will be continued whilst the controversial PGCC project is still pending approval and will be subject to close scrutiny by the Chief Minister himself. Read more at Guan Eng Lauds PM’s Assurance To Continue Mega Projects and Penang Business Community Want Implementation Of Mega Projects To Be Expedited. More related info on NCER and the high impact projects on Penang.

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George Town, Penang is the 9th most liveable city in Asia. View of George Town inner city skyline.

View of Penang’s famous Gurney Drive …