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Update on high rise building maintenance–whither improvement ?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Since the Building and Common Property (Management and Maintenance) Act 2007 [BCPMM Act] came into force on 12th April 2007, many housing developers in Penang have started to form JMBs for their stratified housing schemes. Under this new act, developers have 12 months from the time of vacant possession to set up a Joint Management Body (JMB), consisting of 8-12 owners and 2 representatives from the developer.

For existing completed high rise buildings prior to the introduction of this new act, developers are required to form JMB within 1 years after the new act is enforced or before the dateline 11th April 2008. For developers who fails to form the JMB within the stipulated time period can be fined fro m RM20,000.00 whilst the strata unit owners who fail to settle their maintenance charges risk having their properties confiscated and auctioned off. More details at related blog at Focus on the impact of new legislations on management and maintenance of stratified properties in Malaysia.

Penang’s state development agency, PDC, being one of the largest housing developers and has so far built more than 22,000 housing units, have started a series of night briefings as well as meetings with many units owners on the need to form JMB in their housing schemes over the last three months. It is understood that the exercise is still ongoing and there will be more than 40 JMBs to be set up soon for PDC’s housing schemes as required by the new BCPMM Act. The name list of joint management committees(JMC) will then be required for submission to the commissioner of building (COB). There are housing developers who called for meeting to form JMB were still not ready with audited accounts when demanded by the residents. More related info at Developers not going in for audited accounts. With the formation of JMB, stratified housing owners will now have bigger say on the management and maintenance of their housing schemes.

A recent reported case on high rise buildings which experienced poor maintenance in Butterworth; here and here, would see how the COB with his power vested under this new act, and together with the relevant parties, could step in to overcome its longstanding maintenance woes.

Many of first time house buyers and new apartment and condominium owners are also not fully aware of this new Act and the responsibilities of JMB. As property investments in stratified housing units involve high capital or long term loan commitment, it is therefore prudent for house buyers to choose housing schemes with good maintenance track record. Good stage of maintenance for high rise stratified units is considered to be one of the key factors towards capital preservation and value appreciation of your property investments. Read more at Good maintenance begins with the developer.

To know more about the new BCPMM act, COB and JMB, a recommended resource website is

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